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Patriot Pump
The PATRIOT PUMP's unique design to Pump on the Down Stroke allows the following advantages over a conventional sucker rod pump:

* 100% bottom discharge rod pump
* 3/4" solid metal plunger
* Plunger longer than the barrel

The Patriot downhole sucker rod pump pumps on the down-stroke by utilizing the energy produced by the weight of the descending sucker rod string and produces the fluid with a solid plunger which pushes the fluids, sand and gas downward in the pump barrel and out through a bottom side discharge valve.  On the up-stroke of the pumping unit, it only has to lift the empty sucker rod string and no fluid is produced.  This system can handle fluids containing up to 20% solids such as formation sand, frac sand and iron sulfides without early wear to the pump.  This allows for much longer run times without workovers and pump repair, dramatically lowering operating costs.  Utilization of the Patriot Pump will allow the use of a smaller pumping unit, usually one model smaller.

Benefits of the PATRIOT PUMP:

  • Lowest possible peak torque, peak polish rod load, & rod stress.
  • Virtually eliminates rod parts.

  • Small bore size (3/4") allows pump to be run in the deepest applications.

  • 3/4" bore size helps prevent pumping off and subsequent sanding up.

  • 100% of the fluid is discharged at the bottom of the pump, reducing the chances of the pump being "sanded in" and unable to move in the tubing.

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